Which one Are You?
Do you trust your employees' abilities? Or do you still insist on controlling them? Micromanagement is a boss who monitors and meddles in their team's work details. On the other hand, Agile management is a new way of thinking that helps companies secure their future in today's insecure and ever-changing markets. A fundamental difference between managing and leading is your approach to control and power.


How you spent the last moments of an old year, tells a lot about how you are going to spend the next. Remember, every little detail matters


Different Eye
A photograph is a visual language that uses visual elements in place of words, and as any language, it can be used to express one's artistic ideas. English, for example, is perfectly acceptable for writing a rental agreement with a landlord and for creating beautiful poetry. Photography is the same way, serving two completely different purposes at once. Taking a great photo might seem like a simple task: point and shoot.