As we step into 2022 the graphic design trends changes, and  the tech industry is embracing a radical new approach to design. This year, the focus is on humanistic design, exploring the tension between sensibility and personal preference and not shying away from emotion. Design trends often reveal the ideas and styles that hold the industry’s collective attention, reflecting our society and the ideas that motivate us.

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Moving into Motion

One of the major design trends for 2022 is the integration of motion design into branding and identity systems. The value of movement and kinetics in communicating a brand’s personality and spirit is becoming more apparent. Studios are encouraged to create distinctive choreography that becomes synonymous with a brand. Flickering typography morphs into a name that reflects a brand’s fluidity, squishy shapes wiggle, and buoyant logos bob, implying a devil-may-care, cheerful attitude.

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Of of The Graphic Design Trends is 3D Art

Three-dimensional design is still in demand and evolving, offering designers unlimited possibilities to create anything they can imagine. This trend has incredible potential, especially if artists are starting from a place of honesty and authenticity. Digital artists enjoy creating things that don’t or can’t exist on our physical planet, and creating these elements on software means creating your physics.


Fonts with a Twist

Breaking the rules with typography is a trend that’s all about embracing imperfection. Designers are encouraged to use fonts with a twist, such as letters that break the order, being upside down, bigger or smaller, or in a different font. Using typography in unexpected ways draws attention to a particular point and emphasizes the message.


In the End

Design trends for 2022 emphasize our search for meaning and pleasure during hard times and our desire to break down barriers. The world’s most fabulous designers come together with an open mind to create mesmerizing designs with bright colors, movement, perfect imperfection, and a futuristic aesthetic. There is much to be excited about this year. It’s time for a game-changer because the floodgates are open, bringing a mix of the unmixable, nostalgia, movement, and open-mindedness. check out some of our graphic design work here.