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Different eye

Photography is a visual language that speaks volumes. It’s an art form that allows the photographer to convey their artistic ideas, tell a story, document a moment in time, and capture the essence of their subject. Unlike other visual arts, photography is unique in that it requires a physical object to take a photo of, […]

Artist without art

Design and art are two different concepts, and understanding the difference between them is important when it comes to creating an effective design. While both involve creative expression, design serves a more practical purpose, aiming to solve problems and provide solutions. The Difference Between Art and Design Designers see a need and develop a solution […]

No way out: The Marketing Model

Marketing models are essential tools for businesses to structure and communicate their strategies. However, the vast number of models available can be overwhelming, and many businesses end up confused and disillusioned. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of having a marketing model and how it can help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that […]

Living Power: AIDA Model

Understanding and analyzing the customer journey from ignorance to purchase is crucial in today’s digital age. The AIDA model, developed by advertising strategist Elmo Lewis in 1898, has been widely used in marketing and advertising to move consumers to action. But does it still apply to today’s media world? The Origin of AIDA Model While […]